9mm information



These rounds are loaded with 115 grain projectiles.  Whether you are on the range to train or out for a fun plinking session, these are the rounds for you.

*Velocity is 1,125 fps from a 4.75" barrel with an overall length of 1.130" 


Loaded with a 147 grain projectile, this is the perfect round to send through your suppressor or competition firearm.  

*Velocity is 910 fps from a 4.75" barrel with an overall length of 1.130" 

40 S&W Information


Coming Soon

We are in the testing phase and will be rolling out 180gr and 200gr ammunition by June

1,000 missiles

1,000 Librarians

500 missiles

500 librarians

5¢ 223 Projectiles


Reload for less!

These projectiles are seconds, but make no mistake, we have shot them out to 425yds in competition with great results.

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We shoot what we sell and make. If it's not good enough for us, it's not good enough for you. 

 Check us out at USPSA and 3 gun matches across North and South Carolina. 

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For the best source of Carolina news and lifestyle, check out Carolina Firearms Forum.  They cover everything from cooking, to firearms, and even automotive troubleshooting.  

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